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About 310

Captain Cory Sparks

I'm a USCG Licensed and Insured Charter Captain. I've lived and fished in the St. Augustine, FL and Palm Valley, FL areas for over 17 years. I'm a husband and father of 3 boys under the age of 10 so life is an adventure naturally! I've also taught Elementary school for many years, so I'm patient and great with kids, families and other newbies to the angling world. I love sharing our resources and my personal experiences with clients as well as hearing about theirs!


The Ride

No matter the weather, the 2007 Pathfinder 2000v boat will get us around inshore and in the backwater to the fish. Powered by a quiet Yamaha 150HP 4-stroke, it's a dry and comfortable ride that fits 3-4 anglers and myself perfectly. It is equipped with a Power Pole anchor, Wireless trolling motor, and a fish finder.  It also has plenty of rod storage, coolers, cup holders, and seating. 

My Love of Fishing

My whole reason of running fishing charters is because I love sharing my passion for fishing with others. As someone who loves teaching and learning, fishing is the perfect sport! You never stop learning on the water. It is also rewarding to see people get to experience what has brought me to love Northeast Florida so much. I truly believe the world needs more people with rods in their hands and fresh air in their lungs than tablets and ear buds! When you fish with me you can count on me doing everything in my power to make your trip memorable, exciting, and an escape form the rat race!

What Does 310 Mean?

I get this question all the time... What does 310 mean?

I've spent many years working as a teacher. I would get out of school at 3:10PM and head straight to the water. That time of day was my escape. It was my reward for dealing with the rat race. It was the end and beginning of my day all in one. The next morning I would share pictures and stories of my adventures with my classes and enjoy my work through the day, but I always had 3:10PM  on my mind.


Then along came my 3rd son. I had just gone through a challenging start to the school year. I covered additional duties and tasks for a colleague on leave and finally got all the work done before going to the hospital to focus on my family. That morning before Carter was born I got an email from the boss. They had chose me for a new assignment that required I redo all the work I had just done. They waited to inform me, through email, until I had left for the hospital. The day they knew I was leaving to see my son born they dumped on me. Imagine that right! Sound familiar? I was so upset while waiting for Carter to come, dreading the situation that I would return to at work...

Well, Carter finally arrived.... at 3:10PM. I couldn't believe hearing the nurse say the time of birth. I felt like someone upstairs was trying to tell me something. What are the chances of reading that email then having him come into this world at the time I count down to everyday? So I named the business 310 Charters....Carter and mine's time of escape!

My goal is that 310 Charters can become your escape. I hope it's something you count down to through the days, weeks, months, etc. until your next trip with me. Time is hard to come by and so valuable these days. I can relate to a long overdue break or the need for a successful trip. I know how it feels to make it to quitting time each day. I understand how important times outdoors are and I don't take that opportunity lightly!

Well enough chit chat. It's 310 already... Let's get outta here! Time to get on some fish! I'm ready to go!

Captain Cory Sparks

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